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Hear what some of our customers had to say about Triple Leaf Teas!

Green Tea

I recently purchased your Green Tea. It was so good it was the topic of discussion among the group...The health food store...does carry other Triple Leaf flavors all very good...I offered (the store personnel) the idea of a taste test so they could see for themselves what I say is true. That, Triple Leaf Green Tea is the best tasting of all green teas...Thank you. P.R.
Santa Monica, California

Decaf Green Tea

I want to thank you for the samples of Triple Leaf Tea that you sent to me. I am saving them to have with my daughter, when she comes by to see me. However, I did use one Decaf Green Tea. As for describing how I feel about the tea, I will tell you that I am so pleased with the flavor. Triple Leaf Tea was served to me just 2 weeks ago, as I was waiting in the reception area for my daughter to complete her work. I tasted it and...immediately...thought I LIKE THIS. Then as I drank it, I felt more content while I was reading. I kept the wrapper and told the lady at the desk how much I liked the Green Tea, and she said they had just discovered it too, and she felt the same way I did. If there is a word to describe it, it would be exquisite. As soon as my daughter can take me to the health food store, I will buy it. So many flavors to choose from. Sincerely, F.O.
Danville, California
I want to say that I'm enjoying very much your Triple Leaf Green Tea. I've almost replaced it as the exclusive beverage in my diet. I brew it for my two breaks during my work day and sip it from time to time as I work around the house...I also enjoyed reading the history of green tea as described on the outside of the box. I have given some tea bags to my colleagues at work and they are becoming devotees as well. Please keep making your green tea. All the best. Yours truly, G.E.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine Tea is what I prefer to drink in the morning. I've tried a lot of brands and variations, some even add cinnamon or orange peel. These, of course, totally mash the delicious aroma and flavor of jasmine. Until now my favorite brands were...Now, your Triple Leaf Jasmine Green Tea is on the top of my list. You've done it right! Thank you. R.R.
Bishop, California
I work at a natural food market and I love your Jasmine Green Tea...I found in bags in natural markets...I also love your Ultra Slim blend - the only one I've been able to find with persimmon leaf...I recently tried another jasmine green tea...and I have to say, yours has much more of a jasmine taste. Thanks again. C.R.
I would like to compliment you on the most wonderful selection of teas you have. My favorite is the Jasmine Green Tea. Thank you for giving me that opportunity to try your selection. F.H.
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Ginger Tea

Your samples arrived and I must tell you how wonderful the Ginger Tea was. I am pregnant... I was tired of drinking ginger-ale... and did not like all the sugar it contained. The Ginger Tea was just the thing! Thank you! S.J.
Willow Street, Pennsylvania

Detox Tea

I tried your Detox Herbal Tea 3-4 months ago after eating too much sugar and processed food. I wanted to get a fresh start and start feeling better. To my astonishment as a side effect my (type of skin) I've had since my teen (I'm 29 now) years was all cleared up after 1 week of drinking 3 cups of tea a day! I couldn't believe it! I'm so thrilled and wouldn't live without my Detox tea now for anything. Thank you so much! S.W.
Bainbridge Island, Washington

Cold & Flu Time Tea

Cold & Flu Time Tea– I am making this tea as I write this to you. I am very pleased with your tea! I went through one box of your tea and am on the second. I want to thank you for making something natural that really body. After I do yard work, brush our dog or cat's fur, clean dust, and for the different seasons. Over the past couple years I have used your remarkable tea...The tea has helped a matter of half an hour after drinking it. Your tea works for me...Thank you for helping me feel better & God Bless You. A.S.
San Jose, California

Dieter's Green Herbal Tea

I use your Herbal Dieter's Green Tea on a daily basis. I find it most helpful to (support) my...digestion... S.H.
Watsonville, California

Super Slimming Tea

Hello...I saw a advertisement for Chinese diet tea...I purchased the Super Slimming. I've been drinking the tea while exercising and eating a balanced diet. Over the course of a little over 2 weeks...I'm starting to see a difference in my body...Thank you. E.M.
Brooklyn, New York
I have been drinking your Super Slimming Tea and it really works. I was a girlfriend...Thanks for making such a powerful product. My sister has been drinking this tea...Eating right and exercising daily, when I saw what it has done for her, I jumped on the bandwagon. Thank you! D.H.
Landover, Maryland

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